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After reading and sharing with others a book called Artists Way, I was inspired to create a series and self publish an art journal titled "Visual Peace", 5 chapters, each one is about what gives me visual peace: Let Go, Get Out, Nature, Critters, Organization.  21 small acrylic on canvas paintings.

Visual Peace journal is now available on Amazon. 

Visual peace happens to me when I see something that enters my brain and makes me feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. I then process that image and the feelings I feel from it. I like to write, talk and paint about my feelings of visual peace. More often than not, the painted images come out abstract and expressive. My inside feelings and thoughts pop out as I mix color and brush them on a surface. When I take a photo of an image and attempt to paint it realistically, I paint it how I see it, i.e. expressive strokes and unrealistic colors. 

Expressing my visual peace continues to provide me with even more peace. I have been told by more than one person that I am a “starter” and by others that I am a “completion junkie.” I enjoy people’s opinions. I also enjoy sharing my love of nature, critters, organization and having peace of mind. It is my desire that this series takes on more than just something to look at by the viewers. I want to have others take on the process of finding their own visual peace by doing whatever makes them feel good, like writing in their own journal, writing music or plays, or making art, etc.

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