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This is the second art series which included a self-published art journal. Represents what gives me visual discomfort. Living in a large country area with so much to maintain I took photos of all the things that I didn't have control to take care of.  Then I wrote about it and created the images. As I looked back, I found more that had given me discomfort.

6 Chapters: Childhood Memories, First House Purchase, Red Barn Studio, Maintenance, Piles and Piles, Wrap It Up

Visual Discomfort journal available now on Amazon.

I'm a visual person.

The definition of discomfort is the absence of comfort or ease.

When I see something that is piled up and not put away, the feeling of discomfort and uneasiness enters my brian and causes me to feee ill at ease. The way I can release these feelings is to talk about it, journal about it, and express myself through creating art about it.

Letting my mind flow freely through drawing, painting and collaging compositions based on images of my discomfort allows me to release this bad, uneasy feelings.

Create and let go.

I have been told by people throughout my life that I am organized and creative. Although that may seem like a paradox, it is who I am. Working through the process of creating from images of my visual discomfort along with journaling the descriptions and thought of the images allows me to share this process with others.

My desire is not just to work through this process. My desire is to allow others to relate to the idea of what gives them visual discomfort, write thoughts, create images, discuss with others and be able to share together, as well as let go and move on with life.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to allow me to share my thoughts with you. Enjoy journaling your own thoughts throughout this journal.

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